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Travel Inspired Summer Menu

The team at The Kitchen prides themselves on being a well-traveled bunch. (During a recent team meeting, they collectively gathered the names of all the countries to which they have traveled and the list was longer than letters in the alphabet.) Its this very love for travel, paired with their love for food and beverage, that has inspired the unique and ever-changing menu at The Kitchen. As we believe any good menu does, The Kitchen menu tells a story - whether it is a cocktail inspired by a real 24-hour layover or an authentic Peruvian menu item derived from summers spent in Cuzco, our teams personal experiences and tastes shine through.  


Not only does the menu tell the tale of our teams travel experience, but it also boasts the tastes of our local regular guests. This past spring chef Hollie Hollensbe took on the challenging task of changing the menu every two weeks. Each menu reflected authentic cuisine from the featured country. Through these bi-weekly menus, we invited guests to take their tastebuds on journeys with us to Japan, Peru and Greece. Each menu was accompanied by a corresponding cocktail menu. The most popular dishes and cocktails from each of these three pop-up menus inspired the base of our summer menu. It was a unique experience to gather feedback from locals who have traveled to these countries or share their heritage.  


Take a glance at the most popular dishes and drinks from that made their way to the summer menu at The Kitchen. 


Menu Items 


Seared Wagyu Roll - Japan 

green onion, noriwagyu tenderloin, miso butter 


Al Chi Papas - Peru 

housemade chorizo, potato wedges, amarillo chili aioli, queso fresco, peruvian salsa verde 


Kitchen Lamb Burger - Greece  

sun dried tomato aioli, mint, huidekoper farms greens, potato wedges 




24 Hour Layover - General Manager Jeremy Weiss on his way home from Cuba 

mezcalcampari, sweet vermouth 


Passion Fruit Pisco Sour - The Kitchens take on the classic Peruvian drink 

habanero syrup, passion fruit pureepisco, lime 



We invite you to travel the globe with us, all from the comfort of your table in the center of Jackson Hole at The Kitchen.