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Monthly Art Series Showcases Jackson Hole Artists

It’s no secret the Jackson Hole area is home to incredible artistic talent.  In an effort to marry the culinary and visual arts, we are introducing a monthly art series.  Local visual artists will have the opportunity to submit pieces for consideration to be hung on the walls of The Kitchen. Featured art will be showcased in restaurant and through restaurant outreach for one month.  The monthly art series will run from February to April, with the opportunity to continue throughout the summer. 

“When you dine out, you dine with your senses. What did you smell as you walked in the door? How did the lighting contribute to the ambience? What music was playing? The whole restaurant experience is about so much more than how a dish tastes. At the heart of it, hospitality in itself is its own art form,” Owner Gavin Fine shared.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

“We are introducing a featured artist of the month at The Kitchen to encourage the collision of different art forms: the culinary and visual arts, while also providing local artists a free venue to showcase their talents and, perhaps, sell some of their pieces.”

Featured artists will have their pieces hung on up to three walls within The Kitchen. One artist will be chosen per month to hang their art at no fee. For those interested in selling their art, information will be on site for inquiring guests.

“We are a community of incredibly talented, creative minds,” Kendra Alessandro, Director of Communications added. “We are always looking for ways to showcase our community throughout our restaurants and with this new initiative we strive to do just that – allow artists an outlet for expression while also enhancing the dining experience for our guests.”

All those interested in becoming a featured artist at The Kitchen should send Manager Javier Dominguez Gutierrez an email ( with contact information and photos of the selected pieces. Pieces should be no more than 5ft tall, 6ft wide (two walls) and 5ft tall, 8ft wide (one wall).  To be considered as a featured artist, please submit your information by January 20th  (for February), February 13th(for March) or March 14th(for April).  We cannot wait to see what amazing pieces will find their way in through our doors in the next few months.